Crossing the Rainbow Bridge (Music for Grieving and Healing)

Jim Butler

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This record came about after my beloved dog Bennie passed away at 16.5 years old. He was beside me and in my studio for every piece of music I have created since he entered our lives. He was a Katrina hurricane rescue dog. We saw him online through Labs4rescue and knew he was meant to be with us. We picked him picked up from a lovely woman in Massachusetts the day after Christmas as eight months old and he made the two hour trek to his new home in the woods of New Hampshire.

He loved it here, and we loved having him, he made this house a home. For all of those years he protected from the UPS and Fed Ex delivery people, the guy that comes to plow the driveway and of course the evil birds and squirrels. But when I went to my tiny studio to make music he would lay down behind me and snore away every time. The faster he fell asleep, I assume the better the music.

His passing was hard, but no surprise. He had been failing in health for awhile and we were just waiting for a sign from to let him cross the bridge. When the sign came and we spent the last day with him, fed him lots of bacon and lots of hugs and took him to the vet to say goodbye, and he could be free to run again like he used to.

That night after he crossed I went online to try to find some music to listen to, to help me with my sadness. After looking around I realized that no one had created music specifically for the grieving and the healing of a loss of a pet. So I took it upon myself to create some music in his remembrance, music that I hope will help other people remember their pets when they hear it.

So this is for Bennie and Molly, our two dogs that lived the most amazing dog lives here on Chapman Pond in New Hampshire. I know both of you are together again.

10% of all profits from the release will go to Labs4Rescue the rescue site where we found Bennie all of those years ago.

The original hand/paw print image was beautifully created by Sharon Cummings and you can buy a copy of the original print and find all of her work here:

The wonderful additional Graphic Design is by Jennifer at Simply Managed Media and you can find her work here:

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge (Music for Grieving and Healing) was composed, created and performed by Jim Butler

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